hello! I’m a visual and spatial designer.

Chrystie Street Burial Ground Memorial Sculpture
FABNYC Proposal - 2023
Collaborator: Ifeoma Ebo, Creative Urban Alchemy LLC

This is a memorial that uses art to create space for learning, both physically and programatically.

The Adrinka Symbol Nea onnim no sua a ohu, which means “one who does not know can know from learning”, is the center of this piece. Looking at the sculpture directly from the front, you would see it’s symbol entirely as a 2d shape. However, as you approach from different angles, you’ll see that the sculpture explodes out into different pieces. These pieces are furniture: chairs, benches, tables, walls - spaces for gathering, reflecting, and building altars with others.

The art on this piece (the exterior skin) would be rotating and created by local artists.